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Check out our selection of the 3 best games of the month!

If your goal is to have fun with completely free games you have come to the perfect place for your needs. We at Natural General, backed by great experience in the online games industry, have selected for you the three top games of the month.

What characterizes them? Ease of use, superlative graphics, playability at the highest level, especially from smartphones and tablets. So what to wait for? Let’s find out about them now.

Rocket League

Rocket League is excellently reviewed as a cutting-edge union of car games and soccer. If you didn’t think it was possible, you will be pleasantly surprised after a few games.

What do you have to do? Basically you have to drive the ball into the net with your car. You can also get up in the air to unleash tricky shots and thus climb the international gaming sites leaderboard.

Rocket League is confirmed as an absolute novelty among free games, where you can enjoy one-on-one or two-on-two in exciting two-minute matches.

What are you waiting for to jump into the league? While you play, you can also chat with your friends thanks to quick chat stickers.

Subway surfers

In this exciting and colorful top-ranked endless runner game, you will have to guide the three elves Jake, Fresh and Yutani and accompany them on their fun escapades.

Thanks to the recently released snow cloud boards, the elves will be able to move between train tracks to decorate them with graffiti using spray cans.

You have to escape as fast as possible while avoiding oncoming trains, plus you can unwrap all the presents you find in the mythical holiday calendar of the best online gaming sites.

Hoverboards and characters are all designed as new, compared to previous editions.


Would you like to transform into a human warrior with infinite powers and fight zombies attacking metropolises? Survivor is now at the top of the sites that best suit your indomitable spirit.

Make no mistake, the horde of zombies is numerous and your aim is to survive at all costs. You can face hundreds of monsters at once in different difficulty levels.

And let’s not forget the new additions such as the spring wheel, which must be turned in the appropriate frame, the best bonus offerts and the five new chapters that are now part of the game.

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